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Improve your resume in Three (3) Steps

Your resume is your first professional impression. If that intimidates you, don’t worry. The pros at Silver State Jobs are here to help. Writing an effective resume has boggled the minds of many job-seekers before you, which means there’s plenty of information out there to improve your resume. Improve your resume with these 3 steps.


  1. Focus on the Future – It’s common for candidates to write their resume like an autobiography, writing down every job they’ve had since they started working. While your history plays a huge part in where you are today, not everything from your past should make it on your resume. Employers want to see how you can solve their problems and add value to their company. Your resume is a personal marketing tool. Before listing every job, gig and hour of experience, think about your career goals. For example, if you’re ready to move into a management position, focus on your credentials, leadership experience and other accomplishments.


  1. Keep it short (and punchy!) – Resumes should typically be limited to a single page, so every single word counts. Plus, recruiters are likely going to skim your resume, so make it easy to skim! Read through your resume and cross out any filer words. If possible, include positive numbers to compliment your accomplishments:


DON’T: Although I’ve only been in sales for 2 years, I am an excellent salesperson and a fast learner.

DO: Increased revenue by 30% in my first year, doubling company average.


  1. Don’t Forget Those Keywords – Most companies and recruiters use electronic keyword tracking systems to identify ideal candidates. If you don’t use modern keywords, companies can miss your application completely … even if you are the perfect person for the job. You can find current keywords in job descriptions and on company websites and social media platforms.

Bonus Tip: Put your biggest accomplishment at the top. Do you speak 2 or even 3 languages? Have you won any awards for your work? Do you have 20 years of experience? Put this information at the top underneath your headline and get ready to work in the job you want.