Production Packer

  • AAA Personnel Services
  • Reno area
  • Jul 24, 2019
Full time Manufacturing Warehouse

Job Description


 - Works with the Bag/Pouch Operator in the Finishing Department to pack product into boxes manually.



 - Ensure that packaging and labeling materials are available at the work station. 

 - Conduct visual inspection. 

 - Assemble boxes as needed and attach finishing labels provided for each job.

 - Visually inspect product for defects before placing them inside the box.

 - Properly tape, write box number, initial the printed label and stack boxes of finished product onto a clean pallet. 

 - Communicate product defects to the Bag/Pouch Operator or Supervisor.

 - Check the weighing scale and the monitor to make sure that the line is running efficiently.

 - Perform leak test and enter the Leak Test result on Quality Report. 

 - Assist Bag/Pouch Operator clean equipment and fill out the Housekeeping & Cleaning form. 

 - Perform cleaning and housekeeping work, sweep, clean and wipe down machinery to maintain a clean and orderly work area and fill out cleaning record. 



 - Adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) that are in effect while assuring the quality and quantity of product produced.

 - Follow all established safety rules and regulations and utilize required safety equipment.

 - Report any unsafe conditions to appropriate personnel. 

 - Perform other duties as required or as requested by the Supervisor or Bag/Pouch Operator.